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Products and Services - Elastotech - pasy napędowe i taśmy transportujące
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Products and Services

Transmission belts

1. Flat belts
Belts of any size (width and length) according to the needs of customers in all industries
2. Toothed belts
a. Sleeve belts
b. Belts in the meter
c. Overlap belts
d. Special belts
3. Wedge belts
4. Wide-profile belts

Special belts for Enkotec machines

Belts characterized by small widths and lengths, whose production requires specialized technology.

belts for Enkotec machines, belt diameter:

32.7 mm (green/yellow)
33.9 mm (green/yellow)
34.2 mm (green/yellow)
35.2 mm (green/yellow)
35.5 mm (green/yellow)
35.7 mm (green/yellow)
36 mm (green/yellow)
42.85 mm (green/yellow)
31.2 mm (grey/grey)
36 mm (grey/grey)

Conveyor belts

1. PVC and PU
a. Smooth tapes
b. Guide tapes
c. Carrier tapes
d. Tapes with lateral restraints
e. Special tapes
2. Rubber belts for wide profile grinders
3. Teflon and silicone tapes

Machine and spindle belts

1. Tapes for light industry
2. Tapes for the printing industry
3. and others

Round belts

1. Belts made of polyurethane
2. Cotton braided rubber belts for the packaging industry (film sack sealers)
3. Sweeper belts:


Drive belt for roller brush/side brush fi8 – Order No. 6.348-333.0 ,

Drive belt fi10 – catalog number 6.348-436.0

Fan drive belt fi10 – catalog number 6.348-397.0


Fi 10 x L=800 – catalog number 1.2.05923

Fi 8 x L=900 – catalog number 1.2.05243

Fi 10 x L=600 – catalog number 1.2.05241

and others

White wedge belts

Machine belts for the furniture industry

Pasy dla przemysłu meblarskiego do maszyn

Pasy dla przemysłu meblarskiego do maszyn

Pressure belts (pressure rubbers) flexible

1. Belts for particleboard cutters:
a. Holzma
b. Schelling
c. and others


Rubber and silicone membranes for membrane presses are mainly used in presses for so-called “veneering” of shapes, most often doors for kitchen cabinets.

These presses are used to work under pressure, hot air or oil (water – oil). In this application, a thin layer of wood veneer or synthetic foil is glued to the base part made of a cheaper material (e.g. MDF).

Pulleys and chains

1. V-belt pulleys
2. Toothed belt pulleys
3. Toothed pulleys
4. Plastic tile chains
5. Metal plate chains
6. Modular chains (modular tapes)